Team Building Skills: From 80 to 425 Deals in 3 Years

Our 2015 season premiere of Keeping it Real, "Team Building Skills: From 80 to 425 Deals in 3 Years" features Omaha Nebraska real estate broker, Jeff Cohn.

Jeff shares:

- Where he finds agents for his team and his value proposition to them.
- The weekly meetings he holds, what is covered, and how he builds team culture.
- What accountability systems he has in place to make sure goals are achieved.
- Team members compensation plans.
- The organizational models of his team and how leads are generated.
- So much more!!

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(3:08) Why did Jeff Cohn Decide to build a team? Where did he start?

(5:40) How did Jeff work his database in the early days?

(8:40) Step-by-step team building. The CLAPS acronym to build a successful team.

(26:10) What is Jeff netting as a percentage of GCI?

(28:20) How is his team organized?

(32:27) Jeff's thoughts on hiring a transaction coordinator.

(34:15) How did he learn the strategies he employs today?

(39:42) The details of the lead process in Jeff's office.

(45:32) How can calling assistants help you reach your database?

(49:38) The importance of your sphere.

(51:13) Audience questions...

(57:57) What role do showing assistants play in Jeff's business?

Here are a few show notes...

Connect with Jeff Cohn on Facebook with questions and to ask him about shadowing: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.cohn.395

He gets his outbound calling assistants / prospectors through  “1000 Calls a Day” (Frank has an ownership interest in this in full disclosure, his old ISA from Vyral is the CEO) - they provide the sales management and get the VA's through MyOutDesk for you.

Make sure to read the book Frank recommends on building scaleable lead generation at www.predictablerevenue.com

Here's the link to the NAR documents on marketing agreements "RESPA Do’s and Don’ts for MSAs".

Jeff is happy to give you access to his Google Drive of all his systems and documents. It also includes time shadowing him in his Omaha office with dinner afterward, for $2,000 - just message him on Facebook.

We'd like to thank Jeff Cohn for sharing his team building skills and systems.

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