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You don't have to take our word for it! We encourage you to do your research and talk to our customers to see why they chose to go with our solution.

Are you looking for a website that is fast, easy-to-use, sticky, converts more leads, has a great lead follow-up system, is SEO friendly, and has a built-in blog?

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Joseph K. Keresztury - Texas Premier Realty

4 Times More Leads with Real Geeks

Use to avg. 40 sign ups a month with our old Solution

NOW we avg. over 200 sign ups a month with the same traffic!!!

400% Increase in sign ups since converting to Real Geeks

The money invested in Real Geeks has been the strongest return on investment I have seen in my real estate practice, at a ROI of easily over 50 to 1

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Sims Real Estate Group powered by eXp Realty

41 Deals in 9 Months with Real Geeks

First 9 months of the year $268,471 GCI

Real Geeks has enabled me to build a team my first year in the business!

11 times ROI from my Real Geeks site

After spending two years in the internet marketing world focused on real estate I consistently heard from others that Real Geeks was the best. After careful research into Real Geeks I decided they would be the perfect fit for my newly established real estate company.

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Greg Harrelson - Century C21 The Harrelson Group

21 Times More Leads with Real Geeks

Since converting over to Real Geeks we actually have users signing up for property alerts.

Now we avg. 1025 users signing up for property updates monthly

2100% Increase since converting to Real Geeks

I now have over 1300 people visiting my site everyday and not only are they conducting searches but they are registering for my site, providing all contact information and calling me to ask questions about particular properties. This is the first time that I have been able to track a profit as the result of my site.

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Sam DeBord - Coldwell Banker Seattle Danforth & Associates

11 Times More Leads with Real Geeks

Use to avg. 90 sign ups a month / 3 a day with our old IDX Solution

NOW we avg. 1000 sign ups a month / 33 a day on Real Geeks Solution with the same traffic!!!

1100% Increase since converting to Real Geeks

Our conversion rates from traffic to leads went through the roof when we switched to RealGeeks. We chose RealGeeks for 3 websites because of the unique combination of aggressive lead capture

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Lee Cunningham - RE/MAX Realty Professionals / Greenville, SC

10 Times More Leads with Real Geeks

Use to avg. 80 sign ups & 11 direct email requests a month on Advance Access

NOW we avg. 750 sign ups & 140 direct email requests a month on Real Geeks Solution

1000% More Leads & 1272% More Email Requests since converting to Real Geeks

The back end system of lead follow up is well organized and user friendly.  Agent assignment is flexible, reminders are easy to set up, and agents can easily see how the prospect is searching.  The administrator also has enough tools to keep track of leads and follow up as needed.

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