10X ROI - Virtual Assistant Seller Lead Generation

Our third episode in 2015 of Keeping it Real, "10X ROI - Virtual Assistant Seller Lead Generation" features Austin Realtor, Mark Martin.

Mark shares:

- How to get 10 times return with Virtual Assistant Prospectors
- How to increase productivity by 10 times

The first couple months of 2015 he spent approx. $12,000 on prospecting assistants and generated $150,000 in pipeline GCI.

Below is a full on-demand replay of the live Google Hangout On Air event.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(2:15) Mark Martin details the rise, fall, and recovery of his real estate career
(8:57) Why Mark initially decided to hire a calling assistant
(14:20) How the book "Predictable Revenue" sparked an idea in Mark's mind to help him grow his business
(17:55) How Mark plans to get a 10X return on the money he invests
(21:57) Getting into the details of the ROI on Mark's assistants and marketing services
(31:35) Mark shares some of the scripts he has his Virtual Assistants use
(35:20) The follow-up systems Mark has in place for buyers and sellers who aren't quite ready
(38:45)  How Mark uses surveys to get around any legal discrepancies regarding his virtual assistants
(42:45) What qualities your calling assistant should have and when you should hire them
(47:23) How you can get your lenders to pay for your prospectors
(52:48) The advantages of contacting buyer leads through your virtual assistant
(56:15) Why Mark thinks home valuation site leads aren't worth his assistants' time
(58:17) Why virtual assistants simply won't work in some markets

We'd like to thank Mark Martin for joining us on this episode, and sharing some of his secrets and tips on using a virtual assistant for seller lead generation.

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