Real Geeks Success Stories

Alei Gothberg gets 2800% ROI

Learn how Alei Gothberg generated $250,000 GCI from her website which represents a 2,800% (28X) ROI.

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Bill Jenkins 24 - 30 sales a year from Real Geeks

He also generated 40 seller leads in one week.

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Bob Hertzog - $200K YTD = 7X ROI

Learn how Bob Hertzog's site generated $200,000 GCI... YTD as of August 2015 which represented a 700% (7X) ROI.

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Sam DeBord - 10X More Sellers & Buyers

Learn how Sam was able to generate 10 times more buyers & sellers after switching to Real Geeks..

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Adam Upchurch - 20X ROI

Learn how Adam Upchurch generated 5 million in sales volume which was approximately $100K in commissions. He was able to get a 2000% (20X) ROI from the $5000 he spent on marketing and the Real Geeks solution.

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