60 to 120 Deals in 2015 with Tom Nickley & Greg Harrelson

Our fourth episode in 2015 of Keeping it Real is "How Tom Nickley Will Go From 60 to 120 Deals in 2015" with special guest Greg Harrelson.

Orlando real estate agent Tom Nickley sold 62 properties in 2014 his first year in the business. Tom shares what he is implementing to sell 150 properties in 2015, his second year in the business. Greg Harrelson, Myrtle Beach real estate broker, joined as well to share some insight and business ideas on how Tom can continue to grow his real estate business.

Below is a full on-demand replay of the live Google Hangout On Air event.

Here's what we covered with timestamps, so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(3:45) How Tom Nickley converted 4.6% of his leads into sales using the Real Geeks platform.
(10:00) The strategies is Tom implementing to improve his listing lead generation.
(15:58) How many pending and closed sales does Tom have year-to-date?
(20:16) Strategies for prospecting. How generating listings helps the buyer side of the business.
(23:25) How to find business with a limited database. The key to setting more appointments.
(28:33) The value of working expireds, and how to expand your reach by using strategic mailers.
(32:42) How to develop your prospectors who transfer leads to listing agents.
(39:00) How do new agents get listings? How Greg Harrelson motivates his prospectors.
(41:59) What are Tom's biggest challenges right now?
(50:56) What does Tom pay his buyer's agents?
(52:10) What are Tom's other business expenses?
(52:26) How many letters does he send to get a listing appointment?
(54:10) What do you say on follow-up calls after you've already called an expired five or more times?
(56:56) Do most of Greg's agents focus on buyers and sellers alike, or are they more specialized?

We'd like to thank Tom Nickley for joining us on this episode and sharing what he is doing to double his transactions this year. I also want to thank Greg Harrelson for being on the hangout to provide some one-on-one coaching to Tom. 

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