Facebook Marketing Service

We generate leads for you, while you focus on what you do best, selling homes!

Facebook Lead Ads pull in the leads contact information from their Facebook account when they sign up. What this means for you is more accurate contact information such as real names, phone numbers, and emails compared to other online lead generation programs on the market. With better contact information you will increase the number of sales you can do!

What is included?

  • *NEW Facebook LEAD ADS product
  • Accurate contact information (not fake info)
  • Customized marketing strategy
  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Ongoing ad creation
  • Ongoing ad optimization to maximize results
  • Conversion tracking - to calculate results
  • Seller & buyer leads
  • Transparent ad reporting
Drive Facebook Traffic to highly optimized Real Geeks' landing pages to generate highly qualified leads.

Facebook is the single best ad product in 20 years!

Real Geeks' managed Facebook marketing service, helps agents gain brand awareness and generate qualified leads. Facebook campaigns are unique - unlike Google, campaigns can be targeted to specific types of consumers based on demographics such as custom audiences, income, home buyers, age, life events, etc.