Convert More Home Valuation Leads into Listings

In our 13th episode, of Keeping it Real, North Carolina real estate agent, Buddy Blake shares: "How to Convert More Home Valuation Leads into Listings”.

Buddy has been a successful real estate agent for 19 years. He owns 5 Re/Max offices with 73 agents. He also runs and manages his own personal team that is on track to sell 320 homes in 2014. He is the owner of Guaranteed Sale and Free House Values. He has helped hundreds of agents convert more home valuation leads into listings.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

(5:25) How Home Valuation Leads are captured
(7:35) The best ways to drive traffic to a home valuation tool an agent might have
(12:46) Free resources on how to run a Facebook ad.
(15:30) Mistake agents make when trying to drive traffic to their home valuation tool site
(20:15) Scripts for calling leads
(25:19) Using AdWords and the data every agent should know
(30:43) Automated lead generation services
(34:55) The ROI of the lead generation process
(42:12) Does this stuff work in the luxury market?
(47:20) How does Buddy segment his leads?
(50:40) Advice for agents who want to generate more leads on a tight business
(55:50) Radio scripts to help drive people to a lead generation site

The items Buddy mentioned that you can download are on the page below on the lower right side. Under Resource Links: http://www.freehousevalues.com/help

We'd like to thank Buddy Blake for joining us on this episode, and sharing his great insight on home valuation leads and the scripts that he uses to contact them.

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