How to Set More Appointments & Take More Listings

In our 12th episode, of Keeping it Real, Las Vegas real estate agent, Bill Jenkins shares: "How to Set More Appointments & Take More Listings”.

Learn how Bill sets 3 appointments out of every 10 people he contacts. Bill explains how methods of communication are just as important as what you actually say. He is on track to sell 80 homes this year and also coaches clients how to build their business, as well.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

4:20 - The most important reasons to follow a script
6:40 - Should you follow scripts word for word
8:08 - Tips to internalize a script
10:03 - Why tonality and rate of speech are so important
16:14 - Why you should have a role-play partner
21:21 - Best prospecting schools to attend
24:04 - Scripts for expired listings
37:35 - How to use a level shift to get around objection
39:41 - Bill's answers to common objections
49:10 - How to handle out of town sellers

We'd like to thank Bill Jenkins for joining us and sharing his expertise.

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