How to Specialize in Niche Marketing

This episode of Keeping it Real, "How to Specialize in Niche Marketing" features Alei Gothberg.

Here are a few things we covered:
- How she generates seller leads
- What she mails to her farm
- How she gets 70% sellers from her website
- How she gets 28X ROI from her marketing
- The systems she uses
- What she plans to implement in 2016

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Here are some time stamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

7:30 - How Alei Transitioned into selling luxury real estate
8:42 - The strategies Alei uses to attract leads in the luxury market
9:55 - How to use mailers to prospect in your market
15:41 - How Alei leverages her website to get 70% of her sellers leads
17:35 - How to use Facebook marketing with your website to get more leads
21:05 - How Alei Works leads that submit their full information vs. leads that only submit their address
25:00 - Who to target with Facebook ads to attract serious buyers
30:02 - The mindset you need to dominate FSBO's and expireds
34:36 - How Alei stays in touch with her past clients
38:15 - The biggest mistake Alei has made in her career and how you can avoid the same mistake
40:45 - Steps Alie is taking to go from 13 million to 18 million in business this year
43:22 - How to double or triple your productivity in 2016
44:51 - Alei's recommendation to new agents with a limited marketing budget
53:24 - Why Alei uses a real geeks website for her business

We'd like to thank Alei Gothberg, Eagle Idaho real estate broker for joining us on this hangout and sharing her tips and insights.

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