How to Leverage Websites & Technology to Generate More Business

Our 1st episode in 2016 of Keeping it Real, “How to Leverage Websites & Technology to Generate More Business” features Greg Harrelson.

Here are a few things we covered:
- How to get more business from your database using your website and Sold Data.
- How to Dominate FSBO's  & Expired's using your website.
- How you can leverage your listings on Facebook to get more leads.
- How to convert more home valuation leads.
- How to get higher engagement using SMS auto-responders and much more!

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Here's are some timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

3:30 – How to drive traffic to your website
8:30 - How Greg drives organic traffic to his site and generates 450 leads a week
9:21 – Where quality organic traffic come from
10:58 - How to build quality content for your site
17:54 - Strategies to drive traffic from your database to your website to generate more leads
22:40 - How to write a direct offer email that has generated 72 leads and 13 listings taken
25:40 – How to leverage sold property data on your site to increase engagement with your audience, give them something of value and increase business from your database
31:58 - How to empower the consumer with real time data
32:00 – How to use your website to get more listings from FSBO’s and expired listings
36:17 - Systems Greg uses to convert home valuation leads
42:54 - Using SMS auto-responders to get higher engagement from leads
48:32 - Do's and Don'ts on sending mass emails
49:57 - Tips on finding someone to help with your content creation
51:11 - Top 5 things a first time agent should focus on when building a website

Here is a list of downloadable Domination Action Plans as promised:

Seller Lead Generation Tool & Conversion Plan
SOI/COI & Past Client Sold Data Domination Plan
FSBO Listing Domination Plan
Expired Listing Domination Plan
Spring 2016 Magical Seller Lead Generation Email

We'd like to thank Myrtle Beach real estate broker, Greg Harrelson for joining us and sharing his great insights. To learn more about his database marketing systems and marketing material go to Real Estate Sales Solutions.

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