How to Sell 500 Homes a Year

Our 14th episode in 2015 of Keeping it Real, “How to Sell 500 Homes a Year”, features Darren James.

He shares how he is going to sell over 500 homes this year with a team of 7 and generate 3.3 Million GCI. He personally will sell aprox. 130 properties himself, manage his team while maintaining amazing customer service.

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Here are some of things we discussed:
- How he built his team
- Team Break Down
- How they generate listings & leads
- How to maintain excellent customer service
- The systems he uses
- How he compensates his team members

Here's are some timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:
(3:33) How did Darren James get his start in real estate?
(6:44) How did Darren reach the next level of success in his business?
(9:30) When did Darren decide to build a team and, at what point, did he decide to do that?
(11:07) Where is Darren at with his team, who are his hires, what compensation structure does he have for them, and what are their duties?
(14:19) Darren’s role in listings.
(16:08) How Darren refers to his team members.
(17:20) How many team members are admins, and how many team members are licensed real estate agents?
(18:35) How much is one of Darren’s buyers making per year?
(19:23) How does Darren generate his leads?
(38:30) How does Darren maintain his commission, and what does he charge for commission?
(40:49) What is Darren’s system for staying in touch with people in his database?
(46:06) How Darren lists 100 homes per year.
(49:34) How Darren has people booking appointments.
(51:30) What are the big takeaways?
(52:24) What SMS system does Darren use?
(53:13) Who manages Darren’s online presence?
(54:14) Does Darren create CMAs to validate his opinion on value?
(57:03) Who is outsourcing Darren’s marketing and blogging?
(58:22) Does Darren do daily meetings and establish quotas for his team? 

We'd like to thank Daren James, Baton Rouge real estate broker for hanging out with us.

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