Higher Conversion w/ SMS Auto Responders & Texting in Real Geeks CRM

Automated SMS Responders and Text messaging is one of the best ways to turn real estate internet leads into hot appointments and convert them into sales.

SMS texts convert WAY better than emails… have a much higher open rate and response rate.  SMS texts get a 97% open rate compared 20% with email.

Watch the short video above to see how having an SMS strategy can help you stand out…  and get higher engagement with your prospects to set more hot appointments so you can close more deals!

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Here’s what a few people have to say about using the Real Geeks automated SMS responder and texting feature:

Kristin Ford from Chesterfield, Michigan says that:
“Texting in her area has worked amazingly!”

Kory Prince from Vancouver, British Columbia says that his:
“Response rate for texts is 10 TIMES more effective than sending emails!!!”

Daniel West from Boise, Idaho says that:
A large percentage of his leads text back to his automated SMS responder about what they’re looking for!

And Brett Baker from Richland, Washington is getting great results using our Auto SMS Texting Feature. He says that:
94 % of his leads respond to his texts! he also says:
it single handedly has made his follow up 3x more effective!


Chris Smith, real estate speaker and author of The Conversion Code says that “Using auto and SMS messages to convert new and hot leads is one of the biggest untapped opportunities in lead conversion today.