Set Up Your Real Geeks For Massive Growth In 2022

Considering the holidays and weekends, you have roughly 40 days left to create some momentum for next year. As a real estate agent, you should prepare for massive growth in 2022.

Logging In Consistently

Build the habit of logging in to your Real Geeks account. Research among a group of agents showed that those with the highest level of production also have the highest level of logging in. The more you log in, the bigger your chances of getting more deals.

Then, develop a routine. Use the advanced search filter, click that button, pull up the list from the database, and call those people. The key is to create an activities calendar for Real Geeks. Note that “massive action doesn’t mean making big moves; it means that small but consistent moves create massive results.”

Cleaning Up the Database

Cleaning up your database will also set you up for massive growth. You can use a search filter and find people from the database with good email addresses but no phone numbers. Create an email workflow, and send them a message to know whether they plan to purchase before the end of the year or the first quarter next year.

Then, ask for their phone number to send the pictures of the property that you think matches their needs. Sharing their phone numbers means they’re still interested in doing business. So, you’re cleaning up your database while identifying your leads as well.


Creating Your New Year’s Workflow

You should also create your workflow for the first week or month of January. Identify how likely your prospects will complete a transaction and when they may do so. Creating a survey will then help you prioritize your list. Remember: to get yourself set up for massive growth in 2022, you have to identify ways to better prioritize your list, so you know where to invest more time.

Downloading Your Database in Real Geeks

If you have too many databases in different locations, you’re not leveraging technology or using automation to your advantage. It’s crucial to import your database to your Real Geeks. Mapping out plans and messages for the whole year makes a difference.

For instance, create a message to be sent monthly, such as on New Year’s, Valentines’ Day, or St. Patrick’s Day. Real Geeks offers an automated email drip system and e-blasts to help you connect to your target audience better.


Enhancing Your Content

You should also revisit your website. Build a city or neighborhood page. If you can’t have a “sold” page, display market data, including pending properties, active listings, and total of days on the market. Real Geeks automatically sends the latest market data and allows fully optimized websites to help increase your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

Setting up your Real Geeks for massive growth in 2022 means taking consistent small steps to achieve massive results. That includes logging in regularly, cleaning up your database, creating and updating your workflow, and improving your content. Get ready for a bigger 2022 by maximizing Real Geeks tools!