30 Day Challenge - Build The Habit To Generate Consistently


Everybody wishes they had more sales and more clients but wishing for something and working for something are two very different things. While other people will keep hoping for this to come true, you can read below to get actionable tips on how you can make this happen. In this blog post, we will provide you with a 30-day challenge that will help you build the habit to generate consistency for your sales.

Improving Business with Real Geeks 

While experts say that “6% of your database will transact,” the real question is: How many will transact with you? The reality is, it won’t be 6% of them, because some of those people are already in a relationship with somebody else or are already working with other agents. 

This is where the 30 Day Challenge comes in. Do an activity for the next 30 days that will help you identify who those 6% are — “the 6 percenters”.  If you start focusing for the next 30 days, by the time Christmas comes, you will have identified the opportunities in your database that are likely to do a transaction in the next year. 

Real Geeks Can be Used as a Lead Identification System

Challenge yourself to identify who the 6% are going to do a transaction in the next 4-6 months, so you’ll know who to give attention to for an incredible 1st quarter of 2022. Moreover, “1 in 7 homeowners plan on selling and moving within the next three years, which is roughly 15%.” As a result, there’s no question that there will be new people transacting with the database. 

How Do You Define Leads in a CRM? 

Your whole database is pretty much all of the leads, while CRM is the technology used to manage these leads. You can execute the tools from Real Geeks built-in to the CRM to identify these 6-percenters. 

How To Identify the 6-Percenters

There are different filters that you can use to help:

1. Sellers Looking Through the Marketing Reports

When you look through the database, be sure to use this three-step process: Filter, Call, and Workflow. Real Geeks provides tools that can help you find leads in the form of people you haven’t contacted in a long time. 

2. Sellers Who are Actively Looking to Buy Properties 

Do an advanced search filter and look for sellers who are after properties to buy. Then call people who are listed under this list. 

3. Buyers Who are Active

These people are more likely to be part of the 6-percenters compared to people who are not active. 

4. New Leads You’ve Not Been Able to Contact Yet

Making contact every day will prevent you from getting dead leads. For the next 30-days, make some attempts to contact them. When you don’t reach them, start a workflow and let the CRM do the heavy lifting to get more engagement. 

The 30-day challenge is to take these tips and do them for 30 days so that you can find 6-percenters that you didn’t know existed in your database. Remember, new leads aren’t necessarily better than old leads, so you should pay attention to both. Remember: “Your new lead is someone else's old lead.”