Josh Barker: Redding, CA | Keeping It Real On Location 03

We catch Josh and his team setting appointments live! He gives us a tour of his office and introduces us to his marketing and administrative team. Learn how they are going to close 450 sales this year and manage 70 to 100 listings at any given time… by providing amazing service to their clients.

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FYI: Josh will personally sell 200 homes this year!
We hang out with Josh and learn everything he does to generate business and how his team is structured.

Here are some of the things he shares:  
- All his streamlined processes
- How they generate so many listings
- Live prospecting and booking appointments
- Team structure and their roles
- The goal of every prospecting phone call
…and so much more! This is a MUST see!!
00:00:00 Highlight Overview
00:01:15 Jeff Introduces Josh
00:02:15 Josh explains the Redding, CA market
00:02:50 Josh’s team Structure
00:03:18 Josh explains the agenda & goals of his weekly team meetings
00:04:20 Josh begins full walkthrough & introduction of his administrative team
00:04:38 Senior Escrow Manager (on the seller’s side) explains her role
00:07:22 Escrow Manager (on the buyer’s side) explains her role
00:08:36 1st Listing Manager explains her role
00:10:18 2nd Listing Manager explains her role
00:15:20 Executive Assistant explains her role
00:16:57 Administrative Assistant explains her role
00:17:27 Marketing Manager explains his role
00:18:17 2016 Goals (450 closed)
00:19:00 Josh shares how his team is on track to achieve their goals, & their numbers YTD
00:19:25 Josh shares his best source for getting listings which are his past clients & COI’s
00:20:00 Josh explains how he follows up
00:22:03 Josh explains how he works each lead source such as expireds & FSBO’s
00:22:41 Josh sets an appointment with an expired listing
00:27:47 Josh prospecting with an expired listing
00:37:34 Josh sets an appointment with an expired listing
00:38:37 Josh explains his lead sources for buyers
00:39:24 Buyer specialist (Kevin) sets an appointment
00:43:35 Buyer specialist (Erik) sets an appointment
00:48:35 Josh shares how he & his team use the Real Geeks website his SEO strategy
00:49:35 Josh explains how his buyer’s agents are using the Real Geeks CRM to follow up
00:50:49 Josh explains how he manages & tracks the productivity of his buyer’s agents
00:51:27 Josh explains the email drip system & market updates he sends to his clients
00:52:32 Josh explains how his administrative staff helps him manage so many listings
00:56:50 Josh & Jeff both discuss the importance & influence of being trained by Mike Ferry
00:58:57 Josh shares how he prioritizes getting price reductions by evaluating his inventory
01:00:00 Josh shares how he is a Mike Ferry trainer
01:03:30 Josh talks about his highly leveraged producer’s model & the mindset it requires
01:05:03 Josh shares his daily schedule
01:06:54 Josh discusses keeping his skills sharp by role playing daily
01:07:25 Josh role playing
01:12:15 Josh discusses training his sales team to overcome objections
01:12:49 Closing remarks

We'd like to thank Josh and his team for allowing us to come hangout with them. If you would like to reach out to Josh with a referral in the Redding area you can go to his website: ReddingHomes.com
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