How Jason Sold 100+ Homes in his 1st Year

This episode of Keeping it Real: “How Jason Sold 100+ Homes in his 1st Year”.

Jason had an awesome first year in the real estate business. He exceeded his initial first year goal of selling 90 homes, by more than 40%.

Watch this live, recorded hangout to see how he takes massive action in his business and is able to stay focused on a handful of simple things and not get paralyzed by over-analyzing and over-complicating things.

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Below are the 12 principles of success that Jason follows. He dives in deep with Jeff and Frank as he shares his insights to each one of these principles and why they are important.

1. Leads, leads, leads (steady and consistent flow of them)
2. You need great follow up systems (CRM, database management, scripts etc)
3. Sales skills (become a master here or hire someone who is)
4. High emotional intelligence. (be a specialist not a jack of all trades)
don't try to be great at things you're not. Always spend the majority of your time working from your strengths.
5. Leverage (hire great people who balance your business) Hire on personality and attitude and fit more than experience or fancy degrees. (Both is a bonus) Don't waste time on tasks you can have someone else do for 20$ per hour or less. (Focus on making $100 + per hour as an agent)
6. Commit 110% Be all in and Take insane levels of action. Don't allow doubt and fear to take over. Acknowledge those things but push thru them at all cost.
7. Have a plan but don't over complicate it. Focus more on day to day activities vs the end result.
8. Serve others always. Focus on making others feel good after they deal with you. Build bridges with everyone. Be collaborative with others. Always be genuine and don't take shortcuts.
9. Invest in people and believe in them and give them your all. You might make some bad hires along the way but if you genuinely want the best for your people they will help you develop the culture you need to succeed. Don't take credit for your people's ideas, create a culture where ideas are welcome and foster innovation. Nobody likes a dictator.
10. Balance: I have not mastered This in anyway but I can see the importance of it. Create a culture that embraces some balance. Play the long game not the short game.
11. Marketing: pick 2-3 things and become a master at those things. (Don't get shinny object syndrome) Run them for at least 6-12 months to allow proper evaluation of effectiveness.
12. Be a student of the game and embrace change.

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