Converting More Leads Through Better Initial Questions

Dirk Zeller of Real Estate Champions guides agents through the lead generation process with “Converting More Leads Through Better Initial Questions” in this Real Geeks coaching session which breaks down what to ask from the first conversation. Zeller reminds listeners that they may never get a second chance and that they must always be taking their best shot. Zeller’s accompanying workbook provides questions, techniques, and pressure relief statements that engage customers and create connections.

How Questions Guide the Lead Conversation

Beginning with asking leads to meet for an appointment, the dialogue to determine the “base causes” of why someone wants to sell their home, move, start their home search, or even talk to a real estate professional, is essential, explains Zeller. But, it’s only the beginning. 

In order to truly connect with a buyer or seller, it’s essential to understand their motivation. “We live in a very volatile time right now,” Zeller said as he asked viewers to chat in what they felt were the best investments in an inflationary trend. Reviewing responses, he said, “Real estate is one of the best things to hold in an inflationary trend,” discussing a “worldwide appreciation explosion.” Zeller explains that sharing the big picture with potential clients and considering how that impacts them personally can be key to finding their motivation. This happens as you ask the right questions, he relates.

First, you must determine who is involved in the decision making process.

1. Who else will be involved in the final decision?
2. Whose standard do we need to meet or exceed?
3. Who else are you considering to represent you? 

Next, it’s important to discuss what a client needs.

1. What is the timeline you are trying to achieve? 
2. What else should I know about?  
3. What is the specific reason for considering a move now? 
4. What has caused this to be on the front burner now? 

The third step is to understand where a client is currently in terms of mindset.

1. Where do you want me to shift my focus to help you? 
2. Where does this fit in terms of your priorities? 

After that, calendar concerns can be addressed by asking when.

1. When do you want to be ideally moved? 
2. When do you want to start actively looking for a home? 
3. When should we meet to review your goals and marketplace opportunities? 
4. When can we meet so I can meet your deadlines? 
5. When do you want to meet to provide you with more complete information about the marketplace?

Once you know those basic answers,  it’s much easier to transition into the how and why.

1. How will moving help you and your family?
2. How will this help you achieve your long-term goals?
3. How would you like to tackle this challenge or issue? 
4. Why are you considering a change in your home at this time? 
5. Why are you feeling the time is right? 
6. Why did you start researching the marketplace at this time? 

As these questions are discussed, Zeller says agents need to also have “go-tos” that release pressure in the conversation, such as: “I can tell that I caught you off guard. Honestly was not my intention at all. I was just trying to see how I could be of value to you.”

Set the Appointment on the Initial Call By Fixing Problems

Highlighting the need to educate customers on the current market and draw the client into deeper conversation, Zeller teaches all of us about real estate in 2021. He states that the base frustration for buyers is that they cannot find something they like and or the homes are disappearing before the buyer can place an offer. Zeller suggests that agents can improve these frustrations a client feels by offering solutions. “We’ve got a great opportunity here, everyone,” Zeller says. “We’re not saying that this appointment will fix those two things that they’re feeling and experiencing. If they want to fix those, I know how to do it - that’s an appointment with you, that’s an appointment with me, that’s an appointment with a high quality agent.”

Setting a mindset of success, understanding current trends, strategies, and concepts helps agents create, grow, and develop a strategy and mindset that allows them to be consistent and assertive in attaining business. Learn techniques to bridge the conversation through watching this Real Geeks coaching session.