10 Daily Real Geeks Habits Of 50+ Producers

Uncover the ten essential productive habits of high producing Real Geeks clients, as you listen in to Abe Safa and Lindsay Colbert of Century 21 The Harrelson Group in this Facebook LIVE training. They’ve gathered the results and share the tasks and activities that show up time and time again in surveys, interviews, and testing.

The List of 10 Habits of Real Geeks High Producing Agents 

1. Establish a daily routine. For Safa this means arriving at the office at 7:30 a.m. and being on the phone by 8am. "If I get there at 7am,” he said, “I know whose car is going to be there."

2. Generate daily. Prospect 3 hours every morning, suggests Safa. In the words of Greg Harrelson, he reminded, “In order for you to blow up, you've got to show up."

3. Segment your database. Use the CRM and segments using tags or types, such as buyers or sellers. “Keep it simple,” Colbert advised. "The higher producing agents are not going to leave a stone unturned," Safa stresses as he explains the importance of the CRM.

4. Maximize leads. “As you talk to more people, the cost of the lead is reduced,” Safa explains. “Don't lead anything fall through the cracks.”

5. Use saved searches. Make sure you utilize super save searches, and assign market reports to clients.

6. Use workflows. “All workflows are in the library,” Safa explained, “so make sure you are using workflows.” You can customize them, but he added, “Whatever workflows are in your library right now are very relevant.

7. Monitor lead activity. The Real Geeks CRM provides a "Live Leaderboard" that shows how many buyers are looking for particular properties in segmented areas. Use those statistics and show them to your sellers. Share with them the number of buyers you have looking in their neighborhood, Safa suggested.

8. Aggressively follow up. “You’ll usually get an average of 4 nos before someone says a yes,” Safa explained, talking about how that makes list segmentation more important. He suggests only making manual calls on A leads (no automation), and calling daily, at different times. If the A lead goes cold, Safa will then use a work flow. Your B leads get called once a month. He said C leads are strictly automated, unless he sees activity. “I’m mostly relying on automation to see who rises to the top,” Safa shared. However he continued, "No matter how good the automation is... There's nothing better than picking up the phone and calling people.”

9. Call leads at different times of the day. “Them not picking up when you call does not mean they are not interested,” Safa said. He recommends a weekend folder for hard to reach leads. “Being able to change up your routine a little bit as far as prospecting,” Safa encouraged, “should help a lot.”

10. Always look for other business. The hardest part is getting them on the phone,” Safa said, “Maximize your conversation!”  Safa personally uses a 4 step process in seller communication. First he’ll ask if they’ve thought about selling, then he mentions that he has a ton of buyer leads in the area and asks the prospect, “Who do you know who may be selling?” His third question speaks beyond the neighborhood when he asks, “Who do you know that may be moving in or selling in another area?” Finally, Safa asks for the lead’s email and either saves a specialty super search or a market report in the CRM.

Evaluate your productivity and discover ways to improve your daily routine by tuning in to this episode focused on how to best use the Real Geeks CRM and website.