April 2022 New Status Update and Urgencies for Segmenting in RealGeeks CRM

Work smarter, not harder, with these best practices for segmenting your CRM and organizing your workflows. Greg Harrelson, Lindsay Colbert, and Abe Safa discuss the new status and urgencies CRM update from Real Geeks.

Greg Harrelson, Lindsay Colbert, and Abe Safa discuss the new status update from Real Geeks CRM that will improve the segmenting process in dealing with new leads and existing leads to be consistent with the goals of providing timely and accurate information for clients.

They break down what we can do with the new status and urgencies and how they will be using them to improve your workflows and segmenting in your Real Geeks CRM.

Building Your Database

Segmenting Your CRM

What Are the New Statuses in RealGeeks CRM? 

The Segmenting process in RealGeeks CRM helps you better understand where your leads are in their buying cycle. This understanding allows you to take the appropriate actions to nurture them through to a sale.

Segmenting is also essential when managing your existing clients, as it can help you determine if they are ready for an upgrade or additional services.

The new statuses that have been added to RealGeeks CRM are as follows:


A fresh and new lead comes into the CRM; before, the system is not tagging the leads if it's new or not. With the new Segmenting process in RealGeeks CRM, any new lead that comes into the system will be automatically tagged as a "New."

This will allow you to more easily identify and segment these leads so that you can take the appropriate actions to nurture them through to a sale.

Attempted Contact

This status will be applied to any lead you have attempted to contact, either successful or unsuccessful. Once you make an activity (text, phone call, email, or leave a voicemail), the status will automatically change to "Attempted Contact."

This is a valuable status to have as it will help you determine which leads are more engaged and responsive and which ones you may need to reach out to again.


After contacting the lead and the lead responding, the RealGeeks CRM will automatically change the status to "Nurture."

This status is vital as it helps you determine which leads are ready to be moved further down the Segmenting process.

At this point, you may want to consider sending them additional information or scheduling a consultation call.

Note: To use these new status updates, you have to go to the backend of RealGeeks CRM and enable this in the settings.

What Are the New Urgencies in RealGeeks CRM?

Qualifying leads and distributing them to the appropriate salespeople have never been more critical. With the release of new urgencies in RealGeeks CRM, we've made some significant changes to the urgencies handled in segmenting your CRM.

In Segmenting, there are now four types of urgencies: Fire, Hot, Warm, and Long-Term.

  • Fire Urgency are leads that are needed to contact daily.
  • Hot Urgency are leads that should be contacted weekly.
  • Warm Urgency are leads that should be contacted monthly.
  • Long-Term Urgency are leads that can be contacted quarterly.

It takes the agent to follow up or log activity for the statuses automatically kick in and move the lead to a different follow-up time frame.

This feature helps the CRM be more consistent with providing timely and accurate information for clients and further and faster by working on the database in RealGeeks CRM.

To have everything automatically tagged either in the new statuses or urgencies is a fantastic feature because now every lead is searchable, sortable, and reportable by these criteria.


Will Real Geeks do the same thing with the old leads as we try to contact them and make notes?

Answer: Some statuses still do not automatically change, but you can do a bulk update by enabling this option in the settings.

Can we create a filter of leads we attempted contact by phone less than a certain amount of times?

Answer: The best thing you can do there is just do your status attempted to contact and look at your last contact date. You can't look at the number of times you've tried to in the advance search filters.