Successful Time and Productivity Strategies for our COVID-19 Era and Beyond

As we get farther into our stay at home orders, as the weeks have ticked by with doing business, staying our social distance, learning new skills, and checking on our past clients and sphere, and if your house is like mine, being thrust into a quasi-home school environment with your kids, balancing all that with your time is really a juggling act.

This health and economic event we are going through is exposing the fissures, cracks, and poor habits of our time management strategies, systems, and skills. If reworked and solved, you will have one of the greatest leaps of personal productivity in your life.

There is no better time than right now to focus on improving your time management and activity management skills. Not only will it pay big dividends right now, but the biggest dividends will also come when the real estate market moves behind the cloud of COVID-19. Everyone in real estate will get super busy at the time with leads, buyers, and sellers. The activity will be off the charts!

The new strategies and skills you acquire now will enable you to close the gap faster and do more transactions in less time. What I am going to share with you will both change your business and your life.

Here are a few key strategies you will learn:
- How to craft a realistic and reasonable schedule.
- Tools, tricks, and tactics to stay on task and on schedule.
- How to control and manage interruptions, interactions, and intrusions
- Mastering the high wire balancing act of family and business even when sequestered at home.

The challenges are real with time, even more so in our quarantined lives. Sure, you can binge-watch Tiger King or Ozark on Netflix as so many people are doing. That passes the time, but you want to invest the time for your greater success and income.

There is no one more qualified in the sales and time management space to coach you to better productivity. Dirk wrote the book on it; Successful Time Management for Dummies®.

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