The Real Geeks CRM App puts the power of your database in your hands!

Working on the go has long been a reality for real estate professionals, and the new Real Geeks CRM App takes getting things done on the go to a whole new level! Now you can access and manage your entire database from your pocket!



Easy to use and navigate, the Real Geeks CRM App allows you to:

  • Seamlessly call, email and text your clients
  • Use your favorite email and text templates
  • Set follow-ups to stay in touch
  • Take notes to keep your team in sync
  • Use your advanced searches to find leads important to your business
  • And so much more, all without logging into a computer!

Make working away from the traditional office a breeze and ramp up your speed to lead conversion with the Real Geeks CRM App. Coordinate team efforts seamlessly as you and your team view current lead activity and communication in real-time, at any time! Get updates and send custom messages at just the right time and close the gap on follow-up!

The Real Geeks CRM App puts the power of lead management in your pocket. 

Download it today!