Product Updates: September

Agents can now edit super saved searches!

If you’ve been with Real Geeks a while, you’ve probably felt the pain of creating a very specific search for a picky client, only to figure out that you have to create it from scratch. What a pain! Whelp, now super saved searches can be edited*. 

*Note: this only applies to searches created after Oct 1. 


Don’t know what a super saved search is?  

Geek AI Assistant 

We’ve been improving Geek AI Assistant, our automated text-based assistant this month based on some feedback. If you’d like to learn more about AI click here:

More lead sources for the AI Assistant 

One of the pieces of feedback we received about AI is that it only worked with Real Geek’s sources. Well, we heard you and expanded the list to include our most popular sources:

  • Homes.com
  • kunversion
  • movoto
  • zillow
  • trulia
  • realtor.com
  • Google
  • Facebook

Updated AI Assistant Scripts

Our team reviews the AI weekly to make sure that the scripts are always getting better. For example, this past month we’ve tweaked our AI scripts to be a little less repetitive by removing a redundant qualification question, fixed typos, and adjusted one of Robin’s more controversial responses that made them appear condescending in certain scenarios. Specifically:

“Oh that’s interesting, helpful for us to know. Mind telling me more about your situation?” 



AI Assistant support in the App.

Sometimes you are on the phone or communicating via email with a lead and you want Robin to hang back. Now you can stop the assistant and view “Assistant” delivered messages right from the App. 

Unread message badge in CRM App

To make sure you never miss a conversation, you now have a badge for unread messages: 

Online Lead Indicator in CRM App

The theme for the CRM App this month is messaging & communication. We have expanded upon chat, fully integrated AI assistant, and made some quality of life improvements to make the app feel more natural. We’ve added an indicator for online leads in conversations window, so you can make sure you are chatting with a person who can see your message.