Product Updates: October

The CRM is now easier than ever to navigate

We wanted to make things easier to find. We’ve gone through an information architecture overhaul with regards to navigation. It may take a little getting used to, but trust us when we say it is better. 



Buyers List and Importing Leads

We felt both of these features were important enough to bring forward from their previous locations. 


All Comms and templates in a single place.

We’ve brought together all the methods of communication and made it easier to edit their respective templates. This should save power users a couple of clicks. 

Calendar View and All Follow-Ups

Did you know that the CRM has a useful view for seeing all scheduled follow-ups at a glance? We found that it was all-but-hidden before, so brought it up to the surface. Check it out for yourselves!

Any drip page you need in 1 click

The Drip system is a powerful addition to CRM that deserves to be front and center when you need it.

NEW! Advertising

This section holds some of our ad tools and services offered to help boost your business. 

Managing Users and Lead Routing

Lead routing and users were buried in settings. We’ve given them a dedicated space. Admins who work in larger teams revisit these pages often, so this only made sense. 

Edit your websites in Settings

We streamlined the settings quite a bit to make key configurations easier to find. This is the place to go to customize real geeks to your business.  


“Status” is now on the leads list!

Use the status to keep your pipeline up to date. We’ve added an indicator for statuses to the table so that you can see at a glance which leads are in which stage.

“Last Contacted” is now on the leads list!

When was the last time we talked? Oh yeah! We’ve added this to the lead list so you can easily scan when the last phone, text, or email happened. Prioritize your list by when you last spoke by clicking the column header to sort leads by most recently contacted or by those who’ve never heard from you.

Anna is now Generally Available

At Real Geeks we believe that it is important for us that whatever we deliver to you has been tested and proven to help you grow your business.  We now have full confidence that Anna the same or better than your existing Real Geeks site. To see an example, CLICK HERE

List View > Grid View > Map View

The list view is now the default view for property searches instead of the grid view. Users can still toggle between views if they would like. We recommended driving PPC traffic to the search results page to generate home search leads for best conversion.