Product Updates: March

Product Updates: March

For the full list of updates, check them out here.

Photos in Property Update Emails!

They’re finally here! The all-new Property Update Emails featuring photos and details for New Listings, as well as personalized branding launched on March 9. Hook buyers with a first impression word alone can’t convey. Saved searches are now also even more effective at maintaining long-term nurture relationships for those leads not looking to buy now, but will keep opening your emails to check the possibilities.

CRM Account Menu

The CRM Account menu (located in the upper right of the header bar) has been redesigned to match the new menu styling of the Lead Manager. Agents can now quickly visit the published view for any of their Real Geeks websites. Additionally, they can now also more easily access important account tools, such as "Change Password" and "Sign Out".

Quick Add Templates from the Library

Save Templates from the Real Geeks Library with just a single click! No more going back and forth between edit screens and menus. Simply add each of the Library Templates you like, then customize them at your convenience.

Multi-Select Sources

Want to create an Advanced Filter to see leads from multiple Sources? Now you can! Simply select each of the filters you’d like to include (or exclude) in your search, then hit the “Apply Filter” button. 


Engaging Leads About Properties Viewed

Did you know that a lead’s Activity History will let you see the photos and details for specific properties viewed? Once on that Property Details screen, you can also use the “Share” option to connect with your leads about these homes in which they’re interested. Selecting to either email or text the lead from here will now also pre-populate a link to that specific property in your message.


Make my logo bigger? You got it!

Now, everyone on the anna template has the option for large logos. Go to the Site Settings > Template Options to enable now.