Product Updates: January

It is 2022 and we are kicking things off with a BANG! The team is cranking out some great stuff that makes agents and teams even more efficient.

New Pipeline Statuses!

We’ve been thinking a lot about how agents work leads recently and we wanted to make it even easier to track your pipeline in real geeks. Step 1 of this initiative is to update our system statuses to flow like your pipeline and work for buy buyer and listing agents alike. Check them out here: https://leads.realgeeks.com/settings/customize

CRM Help & Support Menu

Quickly access live and pre-recorded walkthrough videos, guide documentation, and various sources of industry best practices to enhance Real Geeks usage and elevate business

Sync your Android & IOS contacts

You can thank our friends at API Nation. This integration syncs google contacts or icloud with Real Geeks so your phone and database will always be in sync. You’ll always know when your lead is calling. ($10/mo per connection) Start now.

Supercharge your reporting w/ Google Sheets Sync 

This new integration powered by API Nation allows a bi-drectional sync into google sheets for you. Now you can create the pivot report of your dreams and sleep well knowing that it will be accurate, day and night. ($10/mo) Start now.