Overcoming Call Reluctance with Matthew Ferry

Our eighth episode in 2015 of Keeping it Real is “Overcoming Call Reluctance” with special guest Matthew Ferry.

Matthew coaches two real estate professionals LIVE on the hangout to overcome reluctance that comes with calling leads, asking for referrals, and prospecting for new business. He walks them through the process to get over their fears so they can move forward.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:?

(4:20) What inspired Matthew Ferry to dig deeper into the mindset of real estate agents?
(8:15) The mindset methodology.
(12:40) Why is Justin feeling reluctant to call people?
(17:50) Forecasting the negative.
(20:20) Recognizing an exaggerations.
(27:19) Where is Sharon feeling stuck in her call reluctance?
(32:25) Releasing attachment.
(44:02) Why the drunk monkey is preposterous.
(49:50) What the drunk monkey keeps you from achieving.
(55:20) How do you deal with call reluctance that stems from complacency, or trying to deal with high-level lead generation for the first time? 
(57:57) How can you get yourself to stop "preparing" and just get out there and prospect?

Matthew Ferry is a coach, author, speaker, and the leading authority on mindset for the real estate industry and the creator of The Drunk Monkey. As a top sales trainer and coach, Matthew’s mindset mastery programs come from 20+ years on the front lines, coaching over 8000 agents in one-on-one and group sessions. Today he is the mind behind Top Agent Mindset.

We'd like to thank Sharon Roark, Lexington real estate agent and Justin Rollo, Boston real estate broker for joining us on this episode! They were very courageous sharing what was holding them back from doing what they needed to do to build their business’s.

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