Infusionsoft Marketing for Real Estate Agents by Real Geeks

Greg Harrelson - C21 the Harrelson Group Myrtle Beach

I have received numerous calls asking me about the Real Geeks websites and Infusionsoft software for online real estate marketing. Both platforms are producing great results and more people are starting to take notice and wanting to jump on board.

I have learned that many people are confused about how the two technologies work together, so I will attempt to explain in order to clarify.

Infusionsoft for Real Estate:

Many of the nations top producing real estate agents are using Infusionsoft to create better connections with their existing and prospective clients through automation. With the amount of leads that a Real Geeks IDX website can generate, it is hard to effectively communicate with all clients without losing some sort of personal connection. In other words, the more incoming leads there are, the more general the conversations have to be. The positive is the high amount of leads. The negative is that agents now have to resort to a general Eblast as a means to communicate as leads accumulate.

‘One Size Fits All’ communication no longer works.

People are tired of getting generalized email messages that are sent to thousands of people. Most of the mass emails are filtered as spam, or the searcher unsubscribes from your database. 

Infusionsoft is the solution to deliver ‘Personal Content On Demand’ versus ‘One Size Fits All

What is “Personal Content on Demand?”

Infusionsoft allows agents to monitor the click patterns of their online leads. Agents can measure each searcher's level of engagement, as well as determine his or her real estate preferences. Once the system learns what each user likes and is searching for, Infusionsoft will send him custom content that is relevant to his needs. This is done through automation, so each client feels like the agent is speaking to him personally. Broadcast emails are the past since each consumer is now expecting that their agent treat him as their most important client. Agents cannot accomplish this with the ‘off the shelf’ CRM systems.

(Q&A with Greg How He Uses Infusionsoft & Real Geeks)

Greg has written Infusionsoft Real Estate articles on how to communicate to your database to earn more commissions and increase your sales.

Real Geeks has figured out how to build their websites functionality with the same thought in mind. When a lead comes through Real Geeks, that searcher inputs a custom query that is saved in the system, which then triggers future email updates based on what they choose to receive. Again, delivering the content THEY deem as pertinent.

I have had many buyer leads tell my agents that the Real Geeks website is the best website that they have ever used. I am confident that the potential client is pleased with the fact that they are in control of what information they receive from their agent.

The same goes for Infusionsoft.  I have had many people tell me how much they appreciate receiving my emails. They have also indicated that they receive emails from other agents, yet mine are the only ones they ever open. The reason I get these results is because I am delivering the personalized content that they want, rather than what I want.

I have found that blending the technologies of Infusionsoft and Real Geeks is the best way to make deeper connections to my online leads. The agent’s who are connected and in-tune with the client's wishes are the agent’s who will ultimately close the transaction.

Take a moment and learn more by watching an Infusionsoft Demo.

This is how I got started, and now I am closing over 300 deals per year from my seller database, which does not include all of my closings from Real Geeks and other lead generating strategies that I use.

I wish you the best of luck.

Greg Harrelson - C21 Myrtle Beach Realtor

Greg's team closed 1080 transactions in 2012 and both Infusionsoft & Real Geeks technologies helped his team follow up and help more more clients buy and sell homes.

Check out the video below of Greg giving tips to making Infusionsoft work in your business.