How to Prepare for an Uncertain Real Estate Market

In this episode, Greg Harrelson shares how to set yourself up for success in 2019!

It’s important now, more than ever, to have a plan when the market shifts due to economic, technology, or business model changes. Through persistence and consistent follow-up, learn how you can prepare yourself and take advantage of the changing real estate market in the upcoming year!


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We also cover how to:
- Bring certainty in an uncertain market
- Plan ahead and change your habits for an upcoming shifting market
- Take advantage of market changes to grow your business
- Create marketing & sales plans to keep you competitive
- Compete with the discount brokers Have a good follow-up process in place when sales time broadens
- Develop the right mindset and be consistent
- Use workflows to automatically follow up with leads
- Work your database and deliver something of value
- Roleplay with your team to develop knowledge and confidence during an uncertain time
- And much more! 

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate to the section that will help you the most:

0:45  Introduction to Greg Harrelson
2:35 Where does Greg see the Real Estate Market headed in 2019 
5:45  How Greg and his team are planning ahead for 2019 
9:48 Greg goes over why the initial contact is critical 
12:11 The process of staying focused on a call 
14:00 Quality of contact Vs. quantity of contacts 
16:05 Why in 2019 dormant leads will be critical for your business 
18:23 What lead sources and opportunities does a shifting market create 
23:28 How to compete with discount brokers
27:38 How to pull gold out of your existing database 
33:15 What are Greg and his agents doing to stay competitive in a shifting market 
37:40 Greg shares his thought on Zillow’s  lead conversion service
45:25 Greg role plays a call with a potential listing and overcoming objections 
51:28 Q&A With Greg 

We'd like to thank Myrtle Beach, SC, real estate broker, Greg Harrelson, for joining us on this hangout.

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