How Kory Tripled His Real Estate Business in 1 Year

This episode of Keeping It Real: “How Kory Tripled His Real Estate Business in 1 Year”.

In one year, Kory has grown his commission income from $72,000 to $232,000.

Watch this LIVE hangout to learn how Kory converts 4-5% of his leads into sales by CONSISTENTLY applying his follow-up strategies, and how he has generated an additional $90,000 in referral revenue.

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Here are some of the secrets Kory shares that helped him triple his business:

- How he makes the most efficient use of time he spends prospecting
- His PPC strategy to get the most ROI
- How he keeps his database engaged
- How he built his site authority to bring in 30-50 organic leads per month
- His highest converting email drip campaigns
- The call scripts that help him turn 5% of his internet leads into closings
- How he prioritizes follow-up for his incoming and hot leads to maximize his appointments and deals
….and SO MUCH MORE. You absolutely have to watch this if you want to exponentially grow your business in 2017!

To get more information on the tool that Kory uses to streamline his communication with incoming leads and maintain his referral revenue, check out the Real Geeks real estate CRM.

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate to the section that will help you the most:

00:03:36 - Importance of time management & prospecting
00:33:55 - Kory’s different lead sources and business
00:05:03 - How Kory reaches out to past clients
00:07:00 - How to keep your database engaged with market reports
00:08:55 - How to keep past clients engaged
00:10:25 - Tips on building your database
00:13:17 - How to qualify your leads to get higher conversion rates
00:18:28 - How prioritizing your follow ups helps you close more deals
00:20:36 - How to leverage the live feed to get higher engagement with leads
00:21:42 - Importance of treating your prospecting time as an appointment
00:24:15 - Things you want to avoid
00:24:38 - How to make sure you achieve your commission goals
00:25:25  - Role playing scripts live
00:30:00 - How to use eBlast emails to get higher engagement
00:31:10 - How to leverage referrals and generate additional income
00:34:35 - Kory’s ROI and Yearly marketing budget
00”36:00 - How Kory converts 4-5% of leads into closings
00:40:00 - How to convert more leads into listings
00:42:00 - Additional role play

We'd like to thank Port Coquitlam, BC real estate agent, Kory Prince for joining us on this hangout and sharing how he is crushing it working internet leads!

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