How Eric Sold 45 Homes in his First Year

In this episode, Eric Robb shares how he sold 45 homes, with a volume of $14MM in production, in his first year of business as a single agent!

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Eric generates 60% of his business from his COI alone! Learn how he does this through consistent follow-up and streamlined processes. He also shares the systems, marketing techniques, and different lead sources he’s working to generate more business from his database and online leads.

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate to the section that will help you the most:
01:30 Introduction to Eric Robb - 45 transactions in his first 12 months ($14MM)
02:30 How Eric got into the real estate business
03:30 The importance of customer service 
04:45 What Eric learned from being on a mega team 
05:55 Building mindset, conversion, and accountability
07:34 How Eric became a single agent
08:28 Learning how to market yourself through coaching videos and masterminding with other agents
09:36 How and why Eric hired an assistant 
11:05 What percentage of Eric’s business are buyers vs. sellers
11:29 Eric shares his lead sources 
12:15 How Eric generates business from his center of influence and past clients
15:55 How to leverage the Real Geeks system to stay in front of your COI
16:26 Eric shares the script he uses to follow up with his COI 
18:30 How to work referrals from top clients
19:10 How to generate and work internet leads
21:38 Conversion rate on portal leads
22:10 The importance of consistency and routine in your business
23:13 How Eric defines hot leads vs. cold leads 
24:40 Working expireds and FSBO’s
25:30 Postcard example of what Eric sends to his farm 
28:00 How to leverage Real Geeks to market to expireds and FSBO’s
29:38 Eric shares the texting service he’s using to streamline his follow up 
30:15 How to have a work/life balance by leveraging your business properly 
31:00 The importance of consistent video and social media marketing 
31:25 The benefits of hiring a full time coach 
32:50 Eric shares his business goals for the future
33:50 How Eric will triple down on working his database 
35:52 Eric explains how he decided to hire an assistant
37:45 Eric shares the coaching program he is in (Eric Jordan)
38:06 Eric shares what he’s using for video marketing resources 
38:43 Eric shares how he found his Real Estate blogger (Jen Miller)

We'd like to thank Atlanta, GA real estate agent, Eric Robb, for joining us on this hangout and sharing how he is crushing it! 

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