How Ben Kinney Built a Real Estate Team to Sell 600 Homes a Year

INSTANT REPLAY of our live on-air Google Hangout series called “Keeping it Real

In our 5th episode, Bellingham real estate agent Ben Kinney, shares "How He Built a Real Estate Team to Sell 600 Homes a Year”.

He shares how they generate listings and buyers and also tells us about his follow up systems. He covers how they manage all those transactions (Listings & Escrows) with only 2 administrators to maximize their ROI. He also shares the most common mistakes agents make when hiring people for their team. He covers what to do and NOT do when building a team.

* His ideal team structure and positions you can model
* Team Break Down: Buyers Agents, Listing Agents, Admin, and Telemarketing
* How his team generates leads and listings
* How he finds top talent for his team and you can too
* Shares how he compensates team members for profitability

Ben’s team is on track to sell 600 homes this year, working only 4-5 hours a week in his business – and also owns 7 other locations with over 800 agents.

Here's a few main points we covered with timestamps:

4:09 - Ben Kinney's background and the benefits of having a team
6:21 - Getting started building a team: What's your first hire?
9:55 - Hiring buyers agents so you can focus on listings
13:36 - Adding a listing agent and additional lead generation support
15:49 - Giving leads to agents BEFORE going to an ISA
19:11 - How to maximize efficiency and growth with the right admin team
21:17 - Ben's "10 Days of Pain" process for lead conversion
23:30 - The mindset it's crucial to have for effective communication
27:26 - 3 tips for successfully utilizing scripts
30:12 - How to approach compensation for each position
33:50 - Identifying talent: ALWAYS be on the lookout
38:48 - Accountability through transparency
41:56 - How Ben adjusted to changing Craigslist guidelines
46:00 - "If you could start over, what would you do differently?"
49:05 - The benefits of unfair or unequal lead distribution
51:32 - Tracking both leads and appointments from ISAs
55:04 - Resolve to release anything not adding true value

If you are interested in building a team so you can get control of your life and business… you REALLY NEED TO WATCH this. Ben shares so many tips on team building, mindset, generating more business and how to manage a team.

A HUGE thanks to Ben for taking the time out of his busy schedule! He has also agreed to do a follow up hangout to go over prospecting and the art of communication when doing follow up.

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Our next episode is on Thursday August 28th at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT featuring Ocean City, New Jersey real estate agent Jeff Quintin. He runs one of the top producing real estate teams in the Jersey Shores area.

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