Generate More Business from Your Databse

In this episode, Greg Harrelson shares how to generate more business from your database!

Watch as Greg shares how he nurtures and delivers value to his database... from prospecting, getting email addresses, staying in touch, tagging/segmenting prospects, and marketing to them - Greg explains the importance of putting in the work NOW to build a foundation for the FUTURE!  

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We also cover:
- How to continually grow your database
- Importance of segmenting and tagging your database 
- How to do niche marketing to your database 
- How to generate more listings from your database using different tools & marketing
- Follow-up scripts
- How to create valuable content for your database so they’ll reach out to you
- How to get email addresses and contact info from all prospects
- How to leverage your database to dominate your market
- And much more! 

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate through the episode: 

00:01:36 Greg shares how he constantly grows his database daily
00:03:15 The importance of informing influencers so they look at you as an authority
00:04:29 Greg shares the phone script he uses to get emails to add to his database
00:07:36 Jeff shares the script he uses to generate more business from his database
00:08:07 When a prospect is set up on a sold search with RG they’re also sent market reports
00:09:40 The importance of setting contact goals
00:10:37 Prospect not to sell a home BUT to get yourself exposure
00:12:00 Building a database vs. Monetizing a database
00:14:35 Leverage your tools during conversations to increase the return on your time
00:15:15 While prospecting, monetize the “no’s” by adding value 
00:16:35 Using technology to nurture your database 
00:17:00 Ideal frequency and touch pattern for database follow-up
00:19:00 How to use multiple channels to stay in touch with prospects
00:20:20 The importance of tagging and segmenting your database
00:22:15 Content must be custom and relevant to the recipient compared to generic content
00:22:41 Greg shares how he segments his database and the content he sends to them
00:27:50 The importance of PUTTING IN THE WORK & to build your database
00:28:00 It’s easy to make money but it takes hard work to build wealth
00:29:30 Greg shares the email content he uses to inform & motivate prospects to make decisions
00:31:30 The importance of focusing on what you’re giving NOT what you’re getting
00:32:50 The value of sharing data and your interpretation of market info to your prospects
00:35:16 Greg shares the content he uses for Facebook ads
00:36:36 Greg shares his CPL for leads generated from the RG Facebook Marketing Tool and landing prospects on the home valuation landing page
00:40:29 Frank shares example marketing video content 
00:40:50 Greg shares how he uses video content to generate more business
00:42:11 The power of video to create relationships with your prospects
00:44:33 Frank shares an affordable video marketing product
00:45:00 Frank shares how Vyral Marketing can help market to your prospects
00:47:00 Greg shares how the consumer inspires him in the content that he creates
00:47:27 How to get content ideas using Google autocomplete
00:48:17 Frank shares how to scrub archive lists before sending E-Blasts
00:49:54 Q & A

We'd like to thank Myrtle Beach, SC, real estate broker, Greg Harrelson, for joining us on this hangout.

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