Engagement, Engagement, Did I say Engagement?!


Consumer engagement is the emotional connection between you and your clients - highly engaged clients are more likely to list and sell with you, promote your brand and services, and become loyal customers that will hopefully translate into a lifetime of REPEAT business. 

Live chat is a great way to meet your leads where they're most active - live, online, browsing properties, and market info ON YOUR PERSONAL IDX WEBSITE.

With our tool, you can now chat in real-time with your leads as they are looking at properties, thus leading to better communication. The tool will also inform you when a client is actively on your website, so feel free to send some properties that might be of interest to that lead based on their search.

Providing a high-quality experience should be built into your engagement strategy and it starts with getting in front of your leads at the right place, at the right time - so leverage our tools today to start making connections when and where your clients are engaged the most!