Diverse Solutions vs Real Geeks IDX by Oklahoma City Broker

Comparison by Brett Boone with the Brett Boone Real Estate Team

I was using Diverse Solutions as my IDX for my website and no matter how hard my SEO/Adwords guy worked, our average conversion rate was 3%. After dumping thousands and thousands of dollars more into the system I was paying around $60-$70 per lead! I was furious and loosing money. A change had to be made! My marketing guy and I did a ton of research and Real Geeks kept coming up.

As soon as Real Geeks's IDX solution was in place, without changing a single ad words campaign or spending 1 penny more, our conversion jumped to 13.5% (450% increase) and has held steady ever since. I'm went from 100 leads per month to over 400 with the same traffic to the site with the same adwords campaign and the same money! The ONLY difference was the Real Geeks IDX. This system cost similar to Diverse Solutions and produces far superior results! My Real Geeks solution "OklahomaHomes.org"  will net me over 200K this next year, just from my two buyer's agents alone. That doesn't include all the free listings I get from buyers having to sell before they buy. If you have a team or just want a ton of leads, this could be your big pay day! It was for me.
~Brett Boone

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