Connecting the Facts and Market Data to Counsel Clients and Prospects

I am seeing countless posts online in Facebook groups and in discussions on, “How do I talk to a client or prospect who is fearful". My client or prospect wants to back out of a pended transaction, not list, or go back “on the fence” as a buyer. At a minimum, they want to delay their plans.”

First! Most people right now are reacting in fear and uncertainty. They are reacting rather than responding after gathering the facts, data, and organizing it in a cogent manner. They are reacting emotionally, throwing all logic out the window.

Second! I see agents fearful and unsure of how to help their clients evaluate key information and data. From a broader perspective, how-to guide a person to make a prudent, wise, and logical decision. The fear of the what-ifs in counseling and advising clients, so the client can make an informed decision is a lost art, lost skill or never acquired skill by countless agents. I am reading posts and threads in astonishment that “My reputation is on the line.”, “What if the market corrects?”, “They need to make their own decision.”, “What if they can’t make their payment?” “What if the home drops in value?”

Being timid is not to be worn like a badge of honor or that being “less salesy” means you care more about your clients. I’m not advocating being salesy What I am seeing online is ridiculous; it only means you are not prepared to counsel, advise, and help navigate your client or prospect through the landmines of today’s market.

It also doesn’t mean that you browbeat a client to keep them in a transaction situation just so you can earn a commission check. Our goal should be to have the counseling and advisory skills, access the right data, give them well-thought-out options attached to the positives and negatives and allow them to apply to their given situation and comfort level.

Here is what you need to learn:
- What data and facts connect and are valuable in a quality decision-making process.
- What questions to ask people, prospects, and clients about their situation and fears.
- How to connect the questions, client response to give them the right counsel and guidance.
- How to be persuasive without being pushy or having commission breath.
- How to empower your clients to weigh out facts and make a better, more informed decision based on their needs.

The skills, strategies, and scripts Dirk Zeller will teach and coach you through will change your business and life. It will enable you to be more confident, while at the same time demonstrate and feel real empathy for your clients and prospects’ concerns, fears, and needs. These are the skills of a truly outstanding agent and needed in today’s current market.