Fits Small Business Names Real Geeks the Best Lead Generation Website for 2018

Short Version:

  • Real Estate marketing tech is a crowded space.
  • Geeks was built by a real estate agent for real estate agents, which is why it is different.
  • RealGeeks was named by Fit Small Business as the Top Lead Generation Website for 2018.
  • We like awards, but the best award is winning your business, so thank you to our 25,000 users who rely on us every day to grow their business.

The Real Estate Marketing technology space is incredibly crowded. There are many different platforms, and it often feels like they have the same features: IDX websites, CRM, Market Reports, etc., all packaged up and sold through a generic “shiny object” website with a bunch of bad icons.

When our founder and real estate broker, Jeff Manson, and CTO, Kevin McCarthy sat down to create Real Geeks they knew they wanted to strive to be better than anything on the market.

Our small team has grown to over 60 hard working “geeks” in two offices, and we’ve become part of the Fidelity National Finance family, but we’ve stayed true to our core philosophy. Our goal is to provide real estate agents what they really care about: increasing their businesses, keeping consumers off the portal sites (Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia), with an affordable (and scalable!) platform.

We decided to build an all-in-one platform built by real estate agents, for real estate agents, at a price real estate agents can afford.

Fits Small Business recognized the years of hard work and dedication we have put into the platform by naming Real Geeks the Top Real Lead Generation Website for 2018. Julie Gurner, PhD of Fits Small Business said:

“Real Geeks offered an impressive price point for the array of lead generation tools available, plus the ability to add more tools or increase your lead generation ability through ads or managed campaigns as you need.”

We are so grateful for this award, and thank Fits Small Business for all the time they took to review our platform.

While winning awards are great, the most important award we could win is a real estate agent’s business. That’s why everyday we focus on improving our application to help agent’s grow their business. Like our brandable property search mobile app that we released earlier this week.

Thank you so much to our growing family of over 25,000 agents that use our platform every day. You are the greatest award we could ever receive.