The Art of Lead Conversion

While most people are thinking about lead capture, lead conversion is where you make the money. You’ve heard it before - the fortune is in the follow-up! If you commit to clients from the start they will follow you through the buying phase when they’re ready! 

These are the steps to success with lead conversion that Abe Safa and Greg Harrelson have come up with: 

  1. Change your mindset: Rethink the process of how you reach your leads. You can reach MORE LEADS than you think!
  2. Act with Urgency: People are busy and it’s taking many attempts to get them on the phone - this is becoming the norm so act fast and get in front of your leads at the right time when they’re engaged on your website.
  3. Double dial, text: Do exactly that! If you don’t get a response then try harder and set your leads up on an automated drip campaign for easy follow-up after the first day of attempting to reach your lead.
  4. Provide great service to everyone: Commit to your leads from the start, whether they're in the dreaming, exploratory, or buying phase. Be patient and understand that everyone is at a different point in life and at some point they will reach the buyer phase and if you provide great service they'll work with you.

If you’re looking for a tool to help increase your bandwidth through automation - then our drip system and other tools are great to consider. To find out more about how Real Geeks’ all-in-one sales and marketing solution can help you succeed, call, email, or text me!