Adapting your Strategy During Uncertain Times

There's a lot of buzz right now about Covid-19, the marketplace, and it's influence on businesses across the country.

We believe that this is the time for all of us to come together and share our strategies, tactics, and resources so we thought we'd share our latest episode of exclusive coaching with Dirk Zeller with everyone “Adapting Your Strategy During Uncertain Times”.

The truth is - opportunities are everywhere, which is why you need to be deepening your relationships with your clients now more than ever! This is the time to “face reality as it is, not as you wish it to be”. First things first, stop the mass messaging and start reaching out to your COI one by one. 

We’re in a rare moment right now so make sure to ask these questions which show that you care:
• Are you ok?
• Are you safe?
• Do you need anything?

In this episode, Dirk also covers:
• Asking the right questions to produce leads without misleading them
• Conveying the FACTS of the market rather than the EMOTIONS of the market?
• Monitoring weekly changes in the marketplace and knowing your % of inventory sold?
• The effects of interest rate changes?
• How to be the calming influence for your clients at this time??And much more!??

00:01:20 Opportunity still exists today
00:02:00 More people are online now than ever - online traffic has increased
00:03:27 Four core messages to communicate to your COI
00:04:55 Do not force a real estate conversation right now if it’s not natural
00:05:25 Get rid of mass messaging, one on one conversations are important right now
00:09:15 Ask the right questions to produce leads DON’T mislead them
00:11:15 The effect of interest rate changes on refinances
00:15:10 Be the calming influence in this marketplace
00:16:38 Monitor weekly changes in the marketplace
00:17:37 The biggest influence on fear and emotion right now is the stock market
00:18:00 Pending vs. Total inventory - Figure out your market ratios and lead with that
00:23:10 Convey the facts of the market rather than the emotions of the market
00:25:37 As people become disillusioned with the stock market, opportunities will arise
00:30:05 “Face reality as it is, not as you wish it to be”
00:31:00 Put more effort into your follow up if your sales ratios are changing - you need to be flexible
00:32:25 Call every one of your past clients - if you don’t control your own destiny, somebody else will”
00:33:15 Differences create advantages - figure out what those are with your clients
00:34:00 “The rule of four”
00:39:19 Morphing and adjusting your presentation to adjust with your client's needs
00:41:10 Q&A