5 Ways To Increase ROI on Your PPC Leads

1. Set Expectations

Instead of thinking about how hot or how good this lead is, do some investigating and figure out where they are in the pipeline. These leads are going to come in, you’re going to set expectations, you’re going to figure out where they are in the buying or selling cycle, and wherever they are you’re going to be okay with it. It will be less frustrating. 

When you realize that you’re having better conversations with your leads, you’ll have a gigantic pipeline of people that will buy right away. If you put a nurturing system in place where you can handle people, no matter where they are in the buying cycle or the selling cycle, you’ve got a forever business. 

It’s a never-ending stream of business coming in with a whole lot less frustration. Set expectations on how you handle your leads, not on your leads.

2. Connect With More Leads on the Front End

Having a human-to-human interaction with your leads will help with your conversion significantly. You’ve got to improve the ratio of the number of leads that you’ve captured to the number of leads you’ve had a conversation with.


Instead of focusing on how many leads you capture to how many leads go to contract, think about how many leads you capture to how many leads you talk to. Then you’ll work the conversion between the number of leads you talk to to the number of leads you set appointments with. Then the number of leads you set appointments with to the number of leads that goes to contract. 

3. Monetize the NOs and Not Nows

Getting a no just means that they’re not ready. They’re usually in a dreaming phase. The nos and the not nows are either exploring or dreaming. The key is you monetize the nos by continuing to build your database and nurture the nos so they are eventually a yes for you and not a yes for your competitor. 

4. Look for Multiple Deals

There’s an opportunity to get multiple deals with every single lead. Dig deep and find out what they own. 

Find out why they’re selling. Find out other properties that they can sell. 

5. Skills

It’s important to become better at asking questions. If you want a higher ROI, you can set expectations for yourself and improve your capture to contact ratio. The people that say no means that they are still in the dreaming phase and are not ready yet. You can dig deeper for multiple deals. To top it all off, improve your ability to ask the right questions. 

ROI issues will be corrected internally with you, the agent, not externally through the lead source.