5 Real Geeks Hacks You Must do Weekly

We’ve compiled a list of “5 Real Geeks Hacks You Must do Weekly” to take your business to the next level. It all comes down to getting into a routine with these WEEKLY HACKS. By following these steps you will save time and money, deliver the facts of the market to your clients, and become the #1 resource they can depend on. 

1. Share your listings on social media 7x a week: Share a minimum of one property each day AND make sure you direct message anyone who gets tagged in the post. To do this, you must use the listing share button, located on every property detail page of your Real Geeks website. 

2. Send market reports to 10 property owners weekly:
Add a minimum of 10 property owners to a market activity report and set them up to receive updates monthly. The more property owners you have coming back to your website each month, the more listings you’ll get in the future. This makes you the trusted authority in your marketplace! To do this, follow these simple steps.

3. Send a min. of 30 texts a week with a link to your properties for sale:
It is proven that more of your texts will be opened and read when a picture shows up. So text your buyers a property link and watch your engagement shoot through the roof! To do this, use the texting tool in your Real Geeks CRM. 

4. Call your buyers who have favorited a property in the last 7 days:
Pull a list of every buyer that has favorited a property in the last 7 days and call to see if they want to see the properties AND ask how you can adjust their search to make sure they receive more property updates of what they want. To pull the list, use the advanced search tool in your Real Geeks CRM. 

5. Post the “What’s my home worth?” tool on social media daily: Share this link once per week on your Facebook AND Linkedin accounts. This will help you build your brand and collect free seller leads.  To do this, use the seller lead valuation tool which is built into your Real Geeks website. 

And that’s it! There are many ways to leverage Real Geeks tools to grow your seller side and buyer side business. The key is for the agents to take a systematic approach to execute these simple hacks on a weekly basis. Over time, these simple strategies compound and your business grows! 


Follow along to the video below as Greg goes over the ways to leverage these hacks to generate more business with the Real Geeks system at little to no cost!