Product Updates: December

Wow! We can’t believe the year is already over and what a year it has been. The team has cranked out over 1600 code updates to make 2021 the biggest year for Real Geeks to date. While that is a lot, here is a list of our top 10 releases for this year. What were your favorite updates this year?


  1. CRM App for IOS
  2. CRM App for Android
  3. Real Geeks AI Assistant “Robin”
  4. Real Geeks Video Messaging
  5. Anna - a new website template
  6. New Navigation for the CRM
  7. Simple CRM setup for New users
  8. Property photos and details in the activity feed
  9. Status and last contacted on the List view
  10. Editing super saved searches


Without further ado, here are December’s highlights from the product team!

New Integration: KW Command & Real Geeks powered by Apination

All those Keller Williams peeps will be exited to hear that Real Geeks now has a FRESH integration powered by Apination. Contacts and contact details can be synced across both partforms in a bi-directional way.  You can find the new integration here: https://leads.realgeeks.com/settings/third_party_integration


Video Messaging is now on the CRM App!

Real geek’s video messaging is the best way to start building relationships by showcasing your personality and style. Now you can send that quick video to that new lead while you are out at a showing or send an update on a property to a client that is out of town. Video messaging is great way to get 2022 off to a great start.


View and Add Home valuations & Market Reports from the APP

With the latest release, You’ll be able to easily see if the lead has subscribed to any home valuations or market reports and quickly add them if not. Sellers & Owners will love to get your monthly market and valuation updates that keep you top of mind and continually providing value long after the sale.

Who do you work for, ROBIN?!?

Our AI Messaging assistant, Robin, is getting the conversation started over 50% of the time for thousands of leads each month. Over 30% of the time, Real Geek’s agents are taking over the conversation. Sometimes though, the transition is a little rocky. :/ We’ve made a couple updates to the script that let’s Robin answer that they work for YOUR company instead a vague non-answer answer…hopefully this will get the ball rolling in the right direction.